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Carpet Cleaning

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Mega Dry’s carpet cleaning process is completed through a dry cleaning procedure known as the Bonnet System. It takes three hours for the carpets to dry in comparison to steam cleaning which can take up to two days. We use an effective, organic, non-toxic, and soap-free solution known as “Procyon,” which is safe for pets and children. There are no toxic chemicals or odors within the solution and it effectively removes stubborn stains. We also offer special treatments for pet stains.

Our Process:

1) Pre-Inspection: Inspect the areas to be cleaned, give you an overview and estimate, and make you aware of any permanent stains.

2) Furniture Moving: Sofas, chairs, tables and other light furniture will be carefully moved. Large and heavy pieces like beds, dressers, and electronics are left in place under our regular pricing structure. Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs to avoid staining, scratching and the carpet with wood bleeding

3) Commerical Pre-Vacuum

4) Pre-Condition and Pre-Spot Treatment

5) Spray the solution on the carpet and let it work in for several minutes

6) Brush carpet (with our soft micro fiber brush) to open fibers and let the solution work better with the stains

7) Use cotton pads to dry and clean the carpet at the same time

8) Remove other spots that didn’t come out with the regular standard cleaning

9) Dupont Teflon Carpet Protection (optional). We recommend using it to protect your carpet after cleaning is done and for any future stains. Carpets that are protected last longer and are easier to clean. Protect your carpets against unforeseen accidents

10) Post Grooming. For better visual appeal and to make it easier to dry, we will always groom your carpet at the end of each service

11) Post Inspection. Last look at your carpet to make sure we didn’t miss anything

Post Cleaning Precautions

  • Please be careful walking from carpet to tile or a hard surface. It might be very slippery.
  • Keep pets and children off the carpet for at least three hours or use our special booties to walk on the carpet.
  • Remove blocks and plastics from underneath furniture after three hours of cleaning
  • Enjoy the freshness of your new carpets!

Please Note: Prices vary depending on areas and level of contamination. Call us for a free estimate!