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Carpet Cleaning in Rancho Santa Fe

When you start to notice that your carpet has gone through the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic and stains like wine, food, and nail polish are not going away, then it is the right time to call a pro carpet cleaner in Rancho Santa Fe. Our crew pays attention to all the details and uses the latest equipment so your carpets dry fast, within three-hours allowing you to get back to your day. Our carpet cleaners can also make sure that your carpets stay protected from stains in the future with our added carpet protector. Take advantage of our carpet cleaning services in Rancho Santa Fe today!

Tough Stains? Tougher Solutions
When you see a stain, you might try your own remedies for a solution but often the stains return or a bigger one appears. You simply won’t get the results that pro Rancho Santa Fe carpet cleaners can achieve. Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning gets to the root of the problem so that the stains and odors leave your carpet. Your carpet will look and feel like-new. We know how burdensome red stains such as wine or nail polish can be and the difficult and unique process of removing them. Therefore, your best and most economical decision is to call one of the best carpet cleaning companies in San Diego, Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning.

A Clean Home Starts from the Ground Up
When you invest in our affordable carpet cleaners in Rancho Santa Fe, you will find that the ambiance of your home will improve. Not only that, but we can provide sofa, ottoman, couch, loveseat, and chair cleaning to take your space to the next level. Whether that be stain or odor removal, Mega Dry Carpet Cleaning has the right solutions. When you keep your furniture and carpet clean, your whole space changes and feels better. You will find that you also have a healthier space for those that sit on your couch or floor. If you have young children that play on the floor, you will help keep the air fresh and free of dirt and dander. We also provide allergy-free solutions.

Call Us Today to Freshen Up Your Rug or Carpet
Let us provide carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout solutions, and/or rug cleaning. We offer carpet protector services, if desired, post-cleaning. We offer same day services and we have almost two decades of experience. Our carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Rancho Santa Fe are dedicated and complete, we look forward to hearing from you!